Sleigh Bells Ringing

Are you listening? 

Missionaries Maverick, Amy (Ava – due 3/2020), Jonah & Hudson
Kitale, Kenya (Challenge Farm)

Christmas carols, and shoppers tell us Christmas is just around the corner. Preparations, presents and children are excited (especially in the U.S.) about what is or will be under the tree on Christmas morning.

Some families may not even know or understand the Christmas story. Other families like my son and his family above dedicate their lives to sharing the love of Jesus around the world. After Ava is born they will be traveling to live full time in Africa at the Challenge Farm, a home for over 160 boys and girls rescued from the streets of Kitale.

Advent is the 25 days before Christmas and my sweet daughter in love Amy is doing a special advent with Jonah age 4 and Hudson age 2. I’m constantly amazed at how eager they are to listen to this daily teaching and to learn about the birth of Jesus. She is teaching them not only about the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story, but how Joseph & Mary had to travel over 100 miles on a donkey to have their name put on a list, endure hardship, trust God and eventually say goodbye to a life that was stable and secure in order to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. Mom, dad, Jonah & Hudson are looking forward to the birth of Ava, but they know shortly after her birth they will return to Africa and have to say goodbye to family and friends.

We celebrate Christmas and the coming of baby Jesus. He grew up to become a man who would change the world, and everything in it. His disciples then and now follow Him and celebrate not only His birth, but His life, death, resurrection and the good news that He would come again once and for all, to set the world in order. Jesus said, “I go away to prepare a place for you.”

The good news of Jesus is that even in the midst of trials, heartaches, grief and loss, we have a hope of a life beyond this life. It will be an eternity where there will not be any grief or loss, but a world free from sin and death.

You are one of God’s Treasures,

Marlene Hoenig,
Cinderella Released Ministries &
Inroads Missional Care & Counseling

One thought on “Sleigh Bells Ringing

  1. So lovely that your family invites Jesus into your celebrations.

    I (shamefully) admit that I didn’t want Jesus to come to Christmas as a child. (You may enjoy my blog post about this:

    But over the years, I’ve been drawn more and more to the true heart of the Christmas season, and I’m trying to share that Jesus-love with my children, too.

    God bless 🙂


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