Work of My HE Art

Thanking God for YOU!

Above: Handmade art
Media:Notebook paper and red paint
Value: Priceless
My HE Art…
God knows how to touch my HEART… with His HEART through “HE ART”
He Art are priceless works of art that God uses to burst your heart with love!

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.

John 1:12-13 NASB

I don’t know about you, but it is the sweet and innocent kind of love that touches my heart the most!

For the past week, I’ve been sorting out and going through boxes in my storage shed. I pulled out what I lovingly call my “HE Art Collection.”

These are journals, cards, letters, notes, photos, little drawings and mementos from others which I’ve collected, some for decades.

Perusing my HE Art causes a love burst to explode inside of me.
I feel God’s supernatural presence as I’m thinking of the person who took the time to share a special moment with me.

These innocent and precious works of “HE Art” have made a permanent indention in my heart forever.

We are God’s creation and are His special treasure. When we express our love toward Him, we make indentions in His heart, forever. We do matter to Him. He made us in His image. We share a personal connection with Him.

We are HIS ART. He created us and placed us on the earth to be expressions of His love to those who don’t know Him.

We may be the only“He Art” someone ever hears or sees.

As 2019 is coming to an end, and 2020 is on the doorstep, please know that I so appreciate your support of me and my family, and the many ministries (this is you!) who are a part of Cinderella Released Ministries.

Please remember to follow God’s leadings to make time to share a thought, a prayer, a text, and your love to someone else. (I promise you it will be at the exact moment in time that they need it.)

You ARE one of God’s most precious creations of He Art...,
and you are a treasure.

May you experience God’s presence, love, joy and peace this holiday season!

Globe Missionary &
Member of Global Alliance Networks
Missional Care

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Most of my “HE Art” would be of little value to anyone else. But,
I know the backstory about my collection. As I prayed about this, I felt the Lord saying,

“Marlene, it’s because you know the creator (behind the ie. card, letter, photo memory, etc.).
For that moment in time, together, they made and gave you a piece of their heart. You share a very personal connection.

Holiday Prayer Missions Game…
How many of the prayer points can you find?

Find the item representing the prayer points listed below.
Here is a fun game….See how many items you can find?
When you find them, say a prayer for who they represent.

1) Three women canvas painting
Praying for the women, children of Kipsongo Slum in Kitale, Kenya
Children rescued by
Missionaries, teams & staff

2) One Child’s Elephant prayer quilt

Ladies Let’s Gather & other Quilting & Sewing Groups

3) Post card with giraffes from Africa
Missionaries Maverick & Amy Hoenig

4) Two cups Starbucks Kunming, China
Prayer for the lost & persecuted in China both Christians & Muslims

5) Two – Dolls from China/Asia
Survivors of Human Trafficking & Abuse
Representing China UPG & Believers there
Mark Geppert, Matthew his son & the ministry of
Southeast Asia Prayer Center

6) One Giraffe Painting – Janice Conley, Ministries –
Helping those with Bi-Polar, Depression & other MHFA

7) Two – Prayer Quilts (Quilts for the Cause)
Prayer for the Mentally Ill, Special Needs, & Suicidal

8) Ugly Heart Rock – Survivors from Alaska

9) Lion from Burundi Africa
Prayer for all of Africa
Regions Beyond, Missionaries Bruce & Becky McDonald
Abide International, Missionaries Glen & Denise Ellerbe
Missionaries Trey & Kaitlyn Lancaster, Zambia
Missionaries Maverick & Amie Hoenig, Kenya
Single Women Missionaries, & Mothers
(i.e. Angie Wheeler, Katie McGill, Cheri Thompson)

10) Handprinted print from Vietnam
Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Asia
Prayer for SEAPC (Southeast Asia Prayer Ministry)
ECR Ministries to Asia, David & Donna Farrington
Missionaries A, B, C in places like Turkey, Bangladesh, Syria & Iraq
11) Creamer from Alaska
Special Needs Children Born Around the World
(and are often forgotten)

12) Twelve Handprinted heart rocks from Alaska
Israel & 12 Tribes
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the return of Yeshua
& the Jewish people

13) Stained glass Butterfly
Freedom PowWows – Discipleship Trainers,
Pastors & Missionaries around the Globe

14) Prayer Card, Metal Box & Global Prayer Guide
Prayers for others to know Jesus around the world.

12) Living in Awe Card
Interceding for Boaters known as Loopers & Cruisers

13) Change purse from Tanzania
The financial needs of others & givers, senders.

14) Joy to the World Ornament
Joy & Peace for our famlies

15) World Luggage Tag
Traveling mercies for those we love

16) African Giraffe with Jewelry
For God to touch, deliver & heal all of the people in Africa,
their descendants, and those displaced.

17) Glass bowl of shells
Praying for our brothers & sisters in Christ & Unity of the Brethren

18) Two cards of Alaskan Natives
Priceless Alaska – sex-trafficking & traffickers
Rick & Crystal, Outreach Missionaries

19) Five – Handprinted & Crafted Gift Cards
Grace & Favor over CRM (Cinderella Released Ministries)

20)- 6 Prayer Shawls

Veterans, Men & Women in Military Service
Pray for our enemies

21) Mom Magnet
Pray for single mothers & especially for a brand new work in Orlando.
(It will be a safe house & workplace for women survivors.)

22) Two turquoise, beaded handcrafted bracelets & One Dove
Safe Houses, homes, places who are bringing peace and safety
to the broken, outcast and survivors.

23) Native Alaskan Doll
Alaskan Natives,
1st Nation People Groups

24) Alien figure
Prayer for all immigrants & those needing asylum

25) Blue Pot scrubber, & blue pottery bowl
Prayers for those who have fallen away, in bondage and prodigals

27) Blue cobalt bottle
Survivors/Families of Natural Disasters
First Responders
Secondary Responders
Pastors, clergy & lay leaders

28) Two soapstone blue animals
Missionaries who come to mind

29) Two prayer bracelets
Homeless, Hungry, Hurting California, Mexico, North, Central & South America
Men & Women who are or have been incarcerated – Jail Ministries,

30) One box of Kleenex
The grief-stricken, the return of Jesus (Yeshua).

May you have a blessed and
Happy Thanksgiving,
Love you,

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