#Giving Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Everyday

Blessings Brighten When You Count Them! #Giving Tuesday has become and a huge marketing tool and fundraising campaign for charities. I was blessed to learn the heart and story behind it. Where did GivingTuesday come from? Giving Tuesday began as an idea in 2011, the brainchild … Continue reading #Giving Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Everyday

Your Table is Prepared

“PRESS IN! PRESS IN!” Then my eyes focused and ahead I could see a very dim light and as I drew closer it got exceedingly bright. Then, suddenly I saw Him… exactly as He is described in Revelation 1:14. His eyes were on fire and His feet were shining like brass. He was wearing a white robe and He was calling me with a voice that brought peace to the valley, and courage to press on.