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Miracles, Healings – Dinner with Sarah

Testimony Time! Meet my dinner date Geo. He asked me, “Could you put me on your social media?” You bet I will!!😀

When I first moved to my apartment complex mid February Geo saw me sitting in the lobby and noticed my smile and the cross on my shirt (he tells me every time.)😊 He came over and asked me to pray for him. He had a deep infection in his knee. He had both legs over a year ago amputated due to sickness and had only 1 prosthetic leg. In order to get the other prosthetic leg his knee had to heal from the infection. That he had for months. Jesus and I prayed for him and we became buddies. I would bring him breakfast, we talked for hours in the lobby, he would ask me about my relationship with Jesus, I would make him dinner and then about 6 weeks ago I heard he was back in the hospital pretty much on his death bed again.

I said, “NO!”  We prayed for him. He got out of the hospital and came back home and was all better and the infection left his body!

He received his 2’nd prosthetic leg and he showed me this evening how he could get up walk a few steps and back in his wheel chair. 😀 He said let me show off what I can do now, he said it’s not pretty but I can walk. I looked at him with tears and said your right it’s not pretty it’s beautiful! 😍 I told Him I grilled steak for the first time ever and said I had way to much and asked him if he wanted to join me for dinner. He was delighted and as we were sitting outside others joined.

All I can say is,

I am so thankful God answers my prayers, “Lord send the broken and hurting ones so we can love on them and they can encounter you.”

More Miracles …

A door opened for my testimony to come out and people were like,

Wait, “What you partied, dated the wrong guys you did all that?” Saying it as they were in shock!

I said, “Yes I did, but the beautiful thing is when you surrender your life to Jesus He takes it and turns ashes into beauty.”

Next thing Jesus and I are prophesying and praying for the ones that came to the table. I’m not sharing details because I want to be respectful to my new friends. Tears were steaming and Oh! the freedom and chains that were broken off of people this evening. As I looked at my phone it’s almost 11pm. We started dinner at 7pm. The crazy thing is I had plans to deep clean my apartment this evening but when we allow God to lead the way then deep cleaning will come another day this week because Jesus wanted to deep clean the hearts of those that needed a taste of His love.

I am beyond thankful for this community of people here. 🎼We Are Family🎼🙂Also, I’m asking for you guys to be in agreement for a miracle for a friends mom that fell off a cliff.  Sarah Deeds, Associate/Youth Pastor Zion Christian Fellowship

Sarah and niece

About Sarah Deeds

The first time I met Sarah was when I was the Pastor and Director of Communications for Faith Life Now in New Albany, Ohio. Sarah was raising money to fund her trip and school at Heidi Baker’s ministry Iris Global in Mozambique S. Africa. Little did I know how special this Batzion (daughter of Zion) would become to me. Literally the Lord laid her on my heart to pray, support and keep her in my heart especially while she was away.

Since Sarah returned and I moved from Ohio, so much has happened in the natural but our spirits are still connected as one in the Lord. She is now an associate and youth pastor in Ohio and has so many other wonderful and miracle testimonies. She is not afraid to pray and tell anyone and everyone the source of her joy, strength and salvation. Please keep Sarah in your prayers now that you have met her. Also, please keep the ministries of Iris Global, Beacon of Hope, Project Purpose and fellow believers as well as the people of Mozambique. Much is happening to try to destroy God’s workers and his work. Read More Here

Searching for God’s Treasures,


Marlene has been called to go and serve others
wherever God calls her.

She combines teaching, prayer, worship with the prophetic, words of knowledge and wisdom to bring salvation, deliverance & healing to those who are lost, hurting helping each other prepare for ruling and reigning with the MOST HIGH GOD!

acceleration me
from ashes to beauty…
Cinderella Released

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Acceleration – It’s Time!

Steve McQueen – 70’s ‘King of Cool’ is spending time with Jesus!

But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath; but your yes is to be yes, and your no, no, so that you may not fall under judgment. James 5:12
This year the Lord has been speaking to me saying, Marlene, rather than making a list of resolutions you hope to keep or a bucket list of things you intend to do before you die; why don’t you just make a resolution to let your yes be yes and your no be no. Spend each day on ME, and I will bring you before those who are lost, broken and hurting.
It’s time to stop wasting time! You are a soul care paramedic, just look around you, there are people in crisis, trauma and dying all around you.
Greg Laurie Author of Steve McQueen The Salvation of an American Icon
I recently watched a documentary movie about Steve McQueen the 70’s bad boy actor which is based on the book Steve McQueen, The Salvation of an American Icon. Once deemed the ‘King of Cool’; McQueen came to know Jesus, the ‘King of Kings’ just before he passed away from cancer at the young age of 50.
McQueen was not a stranger to crisis and trauma. He drank and did drugs to cover his pain and shame. One of the things he said in an interview was that he regreted spending so much time drinking, doing drugs, and wasting time on things that were not of eternal value. He finally did learn that He was loved, treasured, and life had eternal value; something he never experienced or knew growing up.

In this poignant documentary, shortly after Steve made a decision to follow Jesus, he sought out Evangelist Billy Graham, who later autographed and gave him one of his own personal Bibles. McQueen treasured it and had it with him at his death.

And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.
 ~Revelation 12:11 NLT

One of the three words the Lord has given me to reflect on this year is the word acceleration. I’m still learning that no one can move or carry us into the places we need to be, faster than God. And certainly no one can usher in God’s perfect timing better than the Holy Spirit. I found it ironic and interesting that the makers of Steve’s first movie The Blob,  and now this last documentary about his life, were both Christian film makers. God had planted seeds of faith into Steve McQueen’s life long before he became one of Hollywood’s famous!

Steve McQueen loved to live, drive, fly and go at an accelerated pace. Even when he found out he had cancer, he wasted no time in seeking treatment, and God only after taking a good hard look at himself in the mirror.

He realized the mistakes he had made (I believe in God’s perfect timing), and was thankful for and to the Lord who rescued his soul and ended his race on this earth. Steve finished very well and right on time. 

Near the end of his life, he recounts that time is valuable but it is important to use it on the right things, because it goes very quickly.

HourglassIn the ministry the Lord has called me, I come across people every day that need the hope that only comes through building a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our lives here are temporal and none of us are promised tomorrow. We can’t bank our hopes, dreams or even our bucket list. But, we can be assured if we are faithful to trust and obey God, following where He leads,  that when our time is up here on this earth, like Steve, we will hear our Savior’s treasured words “welcome home!”

My call is to help those who are lost, hurting and in bondage to the things in this world that keep them from knowing they will hear these words when their time is up.

I have many partners who are helping me help equip and train others for the harvest that is coming, in our lifetime and beyond.

Searching for God’s Treasures,

Marlene ministry combines teaching, prayer, and worship
with the prophetic and words of knowledge and wisdom.

acceleration me
from ashes to beauty…
Cinderella Released
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What I spent I had, what I saved, I lost; what I gave, I have. German Motto


“How well I understand the feeling of the artist who painted the picture of the corpse of a once wealthy man and entitled it, Sic transit gloria mundi – So passes the glory of this world.  The material things of this world no longer excited me nor would they ever again.” Corrie Ten Boom – Tramp For The Lord

Corrie goes on to say, “It was during this time that I visited Haarlem, the town where I had spent more than fifty years of my life.  It was late in the evening as I walked through the streets.  Waiting before a traffic light, I had a strange feeling that the people should fall in line five by five as in the concentration camp.  Instead, they chatted about insignificant things and when the light changed, they moved on without anyone shouting at them.  Walking the streets that night, however, I felt growing in me a tremendous desire to tell all men, especially those in bondage to material things, of the One who can set us free from all prisons: Jesus.”

Corrie shares a reflection about one night when her sister Betsie and she were laying side by side, holding their coats over their heads. Betsie’s body had wasted away so that there was only thin skin stretched over her brittle bones. Betsie told Corrie, God showed me, that after the war we must give to the Germans that which they now try to take away from us; our love for Jesus.”

As I read and meditated on these words I felt somewhat ashamed but jealous of this woman’s zeal for the “eternal things”. My own issues seemed so minute to what Corrie had walked through. She had endured so much and come out of her crisis, trauma and grief with a desire to win souls to Jesus. As I prayed and asked to Lord to help me have more compassion for the lost souls of this world, “I felt Him say, “My love, my passion for the lost is available to all. My strength is made perfect in your weakness.

Whatever trauma or crisis we walk through, whatever the loss, whatever we spend can not be taken with us into eternity.  Only what we give to others in the name of the Lord will become eternal.  This should be our focus in our recovery or when we find ourselves released from trauma or crisis.  Overcoming and giving to others, sharing the love and plan of salvation to those who are lost, so they can have eternal life.

Those who are helping others recover from trauma or crisis, remember these words;

Jesus’ ministry was one of helping people achieve fullness of life and assisting them in developing their ability to deal with the problems, conflicts and burdens of life. Perhaps what’s really important for the counselor— whether professional or layman— is to consider why Jesus was so effective in His ministry. As we look at His personal life, the answer is evident.

For I did not speak of my own accord, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it (John 12: 49). I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do (John 17: 4).


Wright, H. Norman (2011-12-09). The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling: What to Do and Say When It Matters Most! (p. 24). Gospel Light. Kindle Edition.


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Come Out of Death, Trauma and Darkness – Josh Miles Music

Removing the Grave Clothes

June 30, 2010 in life with 7 Comments

This is weighing heavily on my mind lately.

When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face.  Jesus said to them, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.

The story of Lazarus is the story of us.

If you’ve never read it, it’s in John 11. Take the time to read it if it’s new to you.  I’ve heard it and read it many times myself, and I’ve always focused on the fact that Jesus was deeply moved and mourned the loss of his friend (knowing very well that he was going to raise him from the dead).  This story amazingly shows the truth of Jesus being fully man and fully God.

But have you ever paid any attention to the last line?  I can’t say that I always have.  But it’s profound…

“Take off the grave clothes and let him go.”

You see, Lazarus was indeed raised from the dead, just as Jesus intended.  However, to everyone watching he still resembled a dead man.  Why?

Because of the grave clothes.

All of the strips of linen with spices underneath to keep ‘ole Lazarus from smelling foul in the tomb was still on him after he was resurrected.

He still appeared dead.

But he didn’t need them any longer.  Jesus had called him into life, but Lazarus was still identified by what was on him.

I think that’s why Jesus told the people to remove the grave clothes.  They had served their purpose while Lazarus lay in the tomb, but now he was called into something better.

You and I have been called out of death and into life if we follow Christ, so my question to you (and most certainly me) is:

Don’t you think it’s time we remove the grave clothes?

Do we live our lives wrapped in grave clothes, when we’ve been called out of the tomb?  Are we identified by our bindings and fetters instead of our call to freedom in Him?

I think it’s time for them to go.

And I think Jesus thinks so even more.