The Pig Stuck in the Mud

Recently I had a dream and it was terrible. In it there was a pig like the one pictured above that was buried and stuck in the mud. This pig looked so awful that I felt like she/he would die any second. It was buried up past it’s neck and stuck up under the porchContinue reading “The Pig Stuck in the Mud”

The Greatest Treasure!

Searching for Lost Treasure! Perhaps you or a loved one has suffered a sudden or tragic loss. Questions similar to these crowd our thoughts…. “What if I don’t survive this health crisis? What were they thinking when they did that? Can God forgive me? Why did he/she leave me? Where do I go from here? IfContinue reading “The Greatest Treasure!”

God’s Treasures Will Last Forever!

  I recently included a testimony in my newsletter from Patricia Winchester who shared with me, “I don’t ask God Why, I say Why Not Me?” She recently shared her personal trial and testimony at her church! My Enews included the entire sermon…but, for just Patricia’s testimony Click Here. It is a message of HOPEContinue reading “God’s Treasures Will Last Forever!”

Your Love Makes It Worth It All…

Your Love Makes It Worth It All…  Your love flows down like honey. It sticks to the broken parts and stays until I am able to heal. It flows freely to give to others as I am able to release all the parts that are stuck. It soothes as salve and becomes the healing balm.Continue reading “Your Love Makes It Worth It All…”

Bouncing Back After Trauma

Bounce Back “The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” -General George S. Patton “bounce /bouns/ verb – to cause to bound and rebound — to spring back in a lively manner…” To “bounce” means the ability to fight through an issue, toContinue reading “Bouncing Back After Trauma”