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Summer is here… in Alaska

Summer is here…
The past few weeks have been very exciting as the snow in the Matanatsu Valley has melted and you see campers, four wheelers and the landscape change from white to green!
Or not quite yet…
This week a fresh blanket of snow has draped the mountains like a polar bear coat. It hasn’t stopped the hikers, bikers and campers flooding into the state.
Crisis & Trauma Care
I’ve been blessed the past few months to meet with many groups and individuals who share my passion for crisis and trauma care. There are so many warriors God is using to shine His marvelous light through to overcome the darkness that cause Alaskans so much trauma.
Heroin Overdoses
During the month of May, there has been a dramatic increase in heroin overdoses in Anchorage. Emergency personnel are arriving on the deadly scenes but have also saved many lives using a drug called Narcan. Please pray for hope, restoration and recovery for those who have overdosed and those who have lost family members and friends to overdoses.

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Mother and Child & the Northern Lights

Experienced the Great Northern Lights!
One night I saw a Northern Light show and one of the formations looked like a mother with a baby in her womb… The baby was moving… It was breathtaking and actually overwhelming emotionally. (I later received a prophetic word about being pregnant and delivering a message of hope and salvation to the Alaskan people!) Wow! What more can I say… God has been speaking to me in a huge way.
Enjoy a video of the Northern Lights Click Here.
One night before I left, Samantha, the Stubblefield’s English Setter was let out around midnight and let out a howl!  Bobette called me to hurry and come!  There on the front lawn as peaceful and safe as you could imagine was a mother moose with her calf.  This was another sign (I believe) that God was watching over G3 Alaska Ministries and the place I would hopefully call home soon!