Fathers, We Need You! You are Soul Care Providers

I was sitting in a coffee shop thinking about Father's Day and asking God what He wanted me to share.  There have been many influential fathers in my lives. Pictured above and below are just a few of some of the ones I know personally. While I was writing I was privy to a conversation …

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Rain & Seal Guts

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the resiliency of the Alaskan people and their ability to live off the land. What they do to protect themselves from God's extreme weather in Alaska is truly amazing!

Ain’t No Rock Gonna Cry Out For Me!

All we want and all we need Is found in Jesus All we ask is more of you Nothing else can satisfy our hearts desire All we want is more of you For the Lord is good And His love endures Yes the Lord is good forever And I'll shout it out From the mountain …

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Summer is here… in Alaska

Summer is here... The past few weeks have been very exciting as the snow in the Matanatsu Valley has melted and you see campers, four wheelers and the landscape change from white to green! Or not quite yet... This week a fresh blanket of snow has draped the mountains like a polar bear coat. It …

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Suicide in Alaska

About Alaska's Suicide Rate: “There are lots of theories. Maybe it’s the long dark winters or the isolation of the largest state in the U.S. While these factors may contribute to the problem studies suggest the roots may go deeper. According to Patrick Sidmore, health planner and research analyst at Alaska Mental Health Board, historical …

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Ice Road Trucker Missionary

Ice Road  Trucker Missionary As I pulled down the storage shed door, “I wondered if I would ever see any of  my belongings which held so many precious memories - again?”  This is what it must have felt like for the early missionaries who packed their belongings in their coffins and said Goodbye to family …

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Alaska Railroad and Boretide Surfing!

Things to Do in Alaska Bobette and I were blessed by a friend to take a day trip on the Alaska Railroad down and around the coastal town of Seward. We saw bore tide surfers, Click here to watch great video of this. glaciers, ate scrumptious meals, and visited the Alaska Sea Life Center in …

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