Behold! The Look!

There is something about the look between a mother and her child that touches a place deep in my heart. It invokes a passion mixed with a fierceness to protect, especially when that child or loved one is hurting or in danger. Is there someone in your life that sparks this type of emotion? Perhaps…

Tessa Quirindongo ~ Advocate & “First Mother” Counselor

Mentor & First Mom Counselor Tessa We met over a decade ago… Since then she and I have cried, laughed and prayed together through the years. She has recently married a wonderful man and continues to be passionate about family unity, evangelism, teaching and especially ministering to “first mothers.” For those who may be unfamiliar…

Widows, Orphans, & Prodigals

roll on, Jordan, roll
Yeah, this sad world we live in, boys, it sure can get you down
When you can’t seem to get your head on straight and your feet back on the ground
But I think every little thing’s gonna be alright, yeah, it’s all gonna be okay
Isaac Watts