Christmas DIY Projects You Can Do With Your Kids!

  Article from *Have your kids pick out a couple of outgrown outfits and then take them to their school’s resource center.  Often, they use extra outfits when kids have an emergency or can send home with kids in crisis. *Stock up on hats, gloves and socks the next time you see them on saleContinue reading “Christmas DIY Projects You Can Do With Your Kids!”

What is that to you? Follow Me

Imagine yourself to be the Apostle Peter. You have cried, prayed, fasted, fished, all night, and caught nothing. And then suddenly a voice cries out from the shore and tells you to cast your net again, just one more time. The fish come from nowhere and are practically jumping into the net.  You look backContinue reading “What is that to you? Follow Me”

God’s Treasures Will Last Forever!

  I recently included a testimony in my newsletter from Patricia Winchester who shared with me, “I don’t ask God Why, I say Why Not Me?” She recently shared her personal trial and testimony at her church! My Enews included the entire sermon…but, for just Patricia’s testimony Click Here. It is a message of HOPEContinue reading “God’s Treasures Will Last Forever!”

Lord, Where do we go from here?

As thousands flee in Florida, and thousands more are devastated in Texas, the carribbean and Mexico (as a result of the recent earthquake); I am certain many are praying and asking the question, “Lord, where do we go from here.” Jesus had just performed two great miracles, the Feeding of the Five Thousand and WalkingContinue reading “Lord, Where do we go from here?”

I Now Can See The Colors in A Crystal

I recently met for brunch with a highschool friend.  A couple of times during the past ten years she has felt compelled to reach out to me and we were finally able to connect. Once you read her story you will understand like I do now, that she is a product of our God whoContinue reading “I Now Can See The Colors in A Crystal”

Angel in the Dryer – Warning!

! Warning** Do Not Do the following or allow your children to do this! Frazzled, shaken, unstable, wobbly and obviously fluffed!  This is what my poodle Angel looked like after coming out of the dryer. Not the blow dryer either! When I was a young girl I had two brothers Doug and Keith. Keith decidedContinue reading “Angel in the Dryer – Warning!”

It’s In The Process

What makes, clay pottery, cow’s milk buttery, butterflies fluttery? It’s something in the process. What makes, bologna lunchmeat, a cane of sugar so sweet a loaf of bread from whole wheat? It’s something in the process. What makes, dark clouds roll away, the rooster crow at dawn each day, us doubt and turn to GodContinue reading “It’s In The Process”

Run Forest Run! – Proverbs 1: 10-19

My son(s) and daughter(s), if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: Our sinfulness causes us sometimesContinue reading “Run Forest Run! – Proverbs 1: 10-19”

The Power of the Cross Never Fails

Promise – Life Lesson # 2 The Promise of an Eternal Covenant:  “Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah — not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that IContinue reading “The Power of the Cross Never Fails”

Choices… we all have to make them

CHOICES – People may often misunderstand your goals, your vision, your mission ~ but keep going, keep striving and continue to push, having faith in the specific calling you have been given! (While at the same time being open for Godly accountability and constructive criticism) FB Post by Maverick Hoenig June 3, 2017. CHOICES WhenContinue reading “Choices… we all have to make them”

Summer is here… in Alaska

Summer is here… The past few weeks have been very exciting as the snow in the Matanatsu Valley has melted and you see campers, four wheelers and the landscape change from white to green! Or not quite yet… This week a fresh blanket of snow has draped the mountains like a polar bear coat. ItContinue reading “Summer is here… in Alaska”

God will never change His mind about you!

God’s word is true and it is certain. It divides between the soul and spirit, that which is temporary or eternal. God separates the darkness and the light, and upholds what is truth and what is right. God is true and He is certain. He never tells us a lie, He created the world andContinue reading “God will never change His mind about you!”

North to Alaska! Join me!

I can’t wait to share this exciting news with you! I am so thrilled to share with you how God is moving in my life.  …My First Assignment and place where the Lord is sending me is North to Alaska!  Read my entire August newsletter with ALL the details here.  Marlene’s August Newsletter Come BesideContinue reading “North to Alaska! Join me!”

What Makes a Healthy Team? – Tips on getting along with one another.

When I was in Kenya last year and ministering with Pastor Laban and Pastor Mary Johnson from Voice for Jesus Ministries, I observed one thing about several of the pastors and ministers there.  They all encouraged one another and came out to support a visiting pastor or minister.  The “team spirit” was very strong.  WhetherContinue reading “What Makes a Healthy Team? – Tips on getting along with one another.”

Indigestion – “I”s That Will Incinerate You

“For my groaning comes at the sight of my food, And my cries pour out like water.” Job 3:24 Which comes first, indigestion or groaning?  The truth is that your health can be ruined because of the way stress, crisis and trauma is handled in your life.  It is important that you recognize the earlyContinue reading “Indigestion – “I”s That Will Incinerate You”

Like a Signal in the Sky….The Power of the Cross Never Dies!

I’m looking back a few years ago, when I took this picture.  I had spent a year in Ohio working at a large ministry and the experience and friendships that I made while I was there are not measurable.  There was probably not anything in Ohio that I didn’t love!  I thought I was goingContinue reading “Like a Signal in the Sky….The Power of the Cross Never Dies!”

Partner with Me on my Trip to Africa!

Dear Friends and Family, July is finally here and  I’m excited to be heading to Challenge Farm in Kitale, Kenya Africa! Challenge Farm is part of Globe Hope, the humanitarian arm of Globe International, Inc. where I work. When I got saved at the age of 12, I felt God calling me to Africa. IContinue reading “Partner with Me on my Trip to Africa!”

“Cinderella Released, Take My Hand!”

This morning during prayer I began to be anxious, and feeling like I wasn’t doing “enough” to get things moving the direction the Lord would have me to go.  He told me to, “stay seated.” When the time was right He said, “I will come and take you by the hand.” He then reminded meContinue reading ““Cinderella Released, Take My Hand!””

The Devil in Your Dreams

Excerpt from Cinderella Released…from ashes to beauty I dreamed I was taken hostage by a gang along with my two young sons ages 8 and 10.  This was only a week after my youngest had told me coming home from church that he could “feel” the anointing of God on him when we would singContinue reading “The Devil in Your Dreams”

How to open prison doors…

“But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You (Jesus); Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You. For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; With favor. You will surround them with a shield.” Psalm 5:11-12 No matter whereContinue reading “How to open prison doors…”