There are some people!

There are some people in your life that just bring a smile to your face.

One of my favorite places to go to for working on my computer is McDonald’s. In all my travels the best ever is in Perdido, Florida.

My friend Cindy works there. I don’t know much about Cindy except she is from Italian descent and can speak Italian beautifully.

Her grandmother Maria Giuseppina Ambrico Fanizza grew up in Naples Italy. Cinzia’s (Cindy’s) mom’s name was Angelina. At one time there were four generations under one roof. Cindy grew up in Maine until her family moved to Central Florida the year Disney opened. No doubt she learned some of her hospitality and people skills from her 18 1/2 years working at the Mouse Kingdom.

Her friendship means the world to me. She comes over checks on me and always asks me if I would like or need anything? This makes me smile.

She doesn’t only greet me with a big smile, and a cup of coffee, but she treats everyone with kindness and respect. Sometimes there are a couple of guys who are obviously experiencing troubled times. Cindy waits on them with her friendly smile.

One day I overheard her talking to a couple about the Citrus Tower in Clermont, Florida. The Citrus Tower holds such fond memories of my childhood.

The Citrus Tower became one of Central Florida’s big tourist attractions.

Construction began in 1955, (the year I was born) funded by a public sale of stock in the project, conceived by A.W. Thacker and Jack Toole “to showcase the thriving citrus industry,” Orlando Weekly wrote in 2005. The project eventually consumed 5 million pounds (2,300 t) of concrete and 149,000 pounds (68 t) of reinforcing steel.[1] Wikipedia

Elmer Baggs (Right) Esther Baggs (My dad’s sister), Air Force Friend of My Dad on the dock of Lake Florence in Montverde, Florida

The Story of Citrus in Florida

There are some people like My own daddy who grew up in Montverde, Florida, and went to school in Clermont near the Citrus Tower. This area once full of orange groves, lakes, muck farms, sweet corn and gators was where my granddaddy farmed both vegetables and citrus. The citrus industry dates back to the 14th century.

While citrus was first brought to the Americas in 1493, it was not introduced to Florida until sometime between 1513 and 1565 when Spanish pioneers would find settlement within the future state. The grapefruit was brought to Florida in the early 1800s by French Count, Odet Philippe.

  • There are some people, who just make  skipping the drive-thru and going inside worth it.
  • There are some people who are just downright interesting, friendly and lovable.
  • There are some people who just make me want to smile.
  • There are some people who push their own problems to the back burner in order to make other’s hard times a little softer and sweeter.
  • There are some people who change our lives for generations.

That’s Cindy my friend and server at McDonald’s. She’s a miracle worker. She helps make McDonald’s in Perdido one of t

Remember, you are one of God’s Treasures,

Blessed is our Lord Most High,

from ashes to beauty…
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