But the Lord did not,

For the needy will not always be forgotten,

Nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever

Psalm 9:18

One day one of the teachers where I was staying came to me for prayer, we prayed a prayer of agreement for her brother who was very very ill.

I had forgotten our prayers, but the Lord did not…

Several months later, I felt the urge to “get out quickly” from the house… I went to the field where there was a bench so I could seek the Lord…

Across the field I spied a woman coming toward me. She later told me she had been watching, and waiting for me to come out of the gate. She needed prayer and also had a praise report.

When she approached me I noticed shehad a swollen belly.. I said congratulations! The look on her face told me I had made a big mistake., but she just looked at me and said,

“Oh no” I’m not with child, my belly is just like this and has been for quite some time. It is just swollen.”

Then she began to speak and reminded me that several months earlier I had prayed for her and her brother who had been very sick and near death.

She gave praise to the Lord and said that He had healed her brother and spared his life… I responded, Praise God, and was so thankful that even though I had forgotten the Lord did not.

I had forgotten our prayers, but the Lord did not..

She then began speaking about another brother whose son was in deep distress and had run away from home.

She said, “Could you pray with me?”

And so we did. As we were praying I felt the LORD prompting me to pray over her swollen belly. I asked the LORD for healing and deliverance from stress and trauma.

I turned and walked away, absorbed in my own troubles and eventually forgetting about the prayers, but the Lord did not.

And then a few weeks later. I just happened to walk and stroller my granddaughter Ava. I had avoided the field this day because it was so very hot. 

So, I walked instead to the shaded bench and the same teacher that I had prayed for twice before, suddenly appeared before me with smiles.

She put her hands on her flattened stomach.. The swelling was completely gone!

The nephew who had run away was back home with another uncle for the time being, because the father was still angry at the boy. She said she was certain though the LORD was working on his heart to restore and redeem the relationship.

We praised God and as I listened to her words, she said,

“So she asked me the third time to pray with her. She said, I know the Lord has heard our prayers and is answering us.”

She said, I know the LORD has heard our prayers and is answering us.

We began a third prayer of agreement.

I was amazed at the Lord. I was forgetful of the things we had prayed, but the Lord did no forget His daughters or sons. He is ever faithful. He neither slumbers or sleeps and He is always faithful..to answer our requests in accordance to His mighty plans and purposes..

I was forgetful of the things we had prayed,
but the Lord did not forget.

That they should put their confidence in God
And not forget the works of God,
But keep His commandments. Psalm 78:7

#notforgetting #buttheLORDdidnot

You are one of God’s Treasures!

Searching for God’s Treasures,
Marlene. Cinderella Released Ministries
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She combines teaching, prayer, worship with the prophetic, words of knowledge and wisdom to bring salvation, deliverance & healing to those who are lost, hurting helping each other prepare for ruling and reigning with the MOST HIGH GOD!
Specializing in helping others through life after trauma, crisis, disaster and abuse (including spiritual abuse.)
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