Big Boulders vs. A Mighty God

Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a huge millstone. He threw it into the ocean and shouted,

“Just like this, the great city Babylon will be thrown down with violence and will never be found again.

Revelation 18:21 NLT
  • Boulders of sickness
  • Boulders of disease
  • Boulders of offenses
  • Boulders of finances
  • Boulders blocking hopes & dreams
  • Boulders of hopelessness & depression
  • Boulders of addiction
  • Boulders of grief….
  • We all face boulders, mountains and seemingly impossible impasses…blocking our way.
    • But…Boulders, Mountains and impasses are no problem for God

Woke up with obstacles, boulders and burdens on my mind. There were several individuals, businesses and personal situations where it is down to the 9th hour and only a supernatural miracle from God can suffice and determine the outcome both here and in some cases eternally.

What do you do when you are between a rock or boulder; and a hard place?

We have a choice to continue to kick against the obstacle or to turn to A Mighty God.

God is faithful, God is truthful. God is kind. God knows what is best for us. ALWAYS.

Many people like Elizabeth (who was barren) are in a tough situation. The Lord spoke to her….

 “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

This morning the Lord gave me a prayer…for perhaps you. Are you a young professional facing financial hardships? Maybe you are suffering pain, sickness, the loss of a loved one? Maybe you are a pastor, a leader or need deliverance from an addiction?

I am praying the Lord gives you a miracle in your situation. I pray for wisdom, peace, joy and favor as you enter this next year. This is the beginning of the Hebrew New Year 5783. It is being said to be a year of fullness and fruitfulness for God’s people.

I know it may seem at times like the obstacles are insurmountable.

You have been working so very hard and diligently. Maybe at times you wonder if there is ever a light at the end if the tunnel. God sees every move and every mountain. He sees your growth as your vision blooms and grows and knows your heart. You have done so well and have maintained such integrity and precision, even in the midst of great trials. Trust in Him, He will lead and guide you

Last night I dreamed of a huge bolder that was covering the road. No way over It or through it. On one side was a mountain, and on the other side was a cliff.

It was big like a ten story building. All the supply wagons were stopped. There was no way to even turn around.

It was terrifying and moving forward appeared hopeless until a scout scaled the rock and looked down from the top. He saw just enough room to squeeze everyone through a pass through on the side of the boulder next to the mountain. It was a perfect little tunnel.

I am praying the Lord will continue to lead and guide you with provision, favor and prosperity.

Keep on pressing through the boulders even tough there may be fear, doubt, and even only just a glimmer of light.

God is able to move not only boulders but mountains. He is a way- maker, miracle worker and promise keeper. His heart is to see you through to the other side….ALWAYS.

Just wanted to share that with you, let you know you are loved and appreciated.

🤩 Love, Marlene

God uses humans to pray all of the time around the clock. He prompts intercessor’s spirits to pray prayers for us here on earth.

He releases His angels to remove the boulders obstructing our lives and He always makes a way of escape for those who trust in Him. He is a Mighty God!

When we find ourselves grieving over our losses, or are in the midst of hopelessness, terror or torment, God is not lost or off the clock. He’s working in our behalf 24/7.

Mary Magdalene was weeping,
when she came where Jesus lay.
for she thought the Lord was sleeping,
but the stone was rolled away.

-The Primitive

The boulder hasn’t kept the resurrected Jesus trapped inside. It only blocked Mary’s vision of an empty tomb. He used an angel to roll it away, so she could see inside.

God gives us all the opportunities to “see” past the boulders which block our vision of the tombs God has already emptied on our behalf. He could not then, nor ever will be stopped. He is Victorious!

Psalms 95:3-7

For the Lord is a mighty God, a mighty king over all the gods.

He rules over the whole earth, from the deepest caves to the highest hills.

He rules over the sea, which he made; the land also, which he himself formed.

Come, let us bow down and worship him; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

He is our God; we are the people he cares for, the flock for which he provides. Listen today to what he says:

The Lord Almighty is unstoppable. Mary came to pray and anoint the body of Jesus. She was weeping over the loss of her Lord and Savior. She saw that the boulder had been rolled away. This was Miracle Two. Miracle One had already occurred, Jesus was alive and risen.

I have been called to pray, teach and share the good news and the word of the Lord to those who are lost, broken and hurting.

Love, Marlene
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