Blind Eyes Opened #TestimonyThursday

Reposted with Permission

To God Be The Glory!

This is a true story, nothing has been changed or edited from the original and Winnie gave me permission to share her testimony.

Long post alert but worth reading….A few years ago, I went through one of the most terrifying seasons in my life. I woke up one day to realize that I had gotten completely blind in one eye. As someone who reacts to bad things/news quite slowly, I woke up, went to class and later to work. The following day, I told my then boss Jeri Alvarez that I couldn’t see with my right eye. Unlike me, she freaked out and took me to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at their ophthalmology department. On arrival, the doctors treated my case as an emergency and I was wheeled around for various tests including an eye x-ray.
The tests showed that indeed, my right eye was completely blind and that my left one was not so good either. In fact, the doctor asked if I knew that I was born with abnormal cornea. I was shocked. In Kenya, so long as baby cries at birth, not many doctors bother to check whether a baby has normal eyes.

To cut the long story short, I was told that I needed a cornea transplant and that it would cost about $70000 (Ksh 7 million). And not that they had a cornea ready. No. I was put on the waiting list. In the meantime, I was booked to see a cornea specialist every Tuesday until the surgery. I was devastated. I was in a foreign country with not enough money and could not do a harambee in US.
About 4 weeks since the diagnosis, I was still half blind and my other eye was straining. I was still working and going to school. My boss though was so understanding and I got time off. So, one Sunday, I attended church at the Presbyterian Church at Pennsauken, which was just a few blocks from where I lived. The reverend said that it was their first ever healing Sunday. He preached from Mark 10: 46-52 and John 9:6. Finally after the sermon, he said: There’s someone on the right hand side of the church who is blind in one eye. I have never done this before, but I don’t know why, but I know there is someone who needs to see.

Now, I have always been a Christian. Well, since promising to reduce on mischief and misdoings at school when I was in grade 5. But on this Sunday, I was at a place of no faith with ‘men of God’. I had witnessed many shenanigans in churches with fake miracles, and now instead of faith, I just rolled my eyes when I heard of such announcements.

So on this morning, I just rolled my eyes and continued to sit. But the pastor said: Whoever you are, we are not going anywhere until you come and receive your healing. I sighed in exasperation. And you know Presbyterians, they don’t like wasting time. Everything ni chap chap. And American Presbyterians are more chap chap. So after a few awkward moments, people began to shift in their seats with impatience.

Finally, not because I had faith, I went in front. The rev put some eeewy stuff on my eyes (just like Jesus had done in John 9) and prayed a very simple prayer. Immediately after church, I wiped the eeewy stuff and went on with my life as a blind person. My Malawian friend Maggie Madimbo and her husband dropped me home and I completely forgot about the prayer of healing.

On Tuesday morning, I had just showered and as had become the habit, I stood in front of the mirror, and closed the left eye to see if the right eye was still blind. And shock of my life! I could see! It was not clear. Like marudurudu, shadows…I quickly got dressed and ran to tell my boss that my eye was beginning to see. That afternoon, I had an appointment at the hospital. And by then, I could see clearly on both eyes. Eye tests showed I had perfect vision. Panic reigned in the hospital. Maybe they had misdiagnosed and I was going to sue them? I told them no. I was blind, but now I see. Literally.
They did another xray. My eyes were completely ok.

Many years later, yesterday, I went to see an optometrist. I have been having headaches. Very good eye doc. They did several tests.
I still have perfect vision. I asked him to check my cornea, because I was born with abnormal cornea, just like my grandpa. He tested me again. And said. You do not have keratoconus. Your cornea is perfect. I will be prescribing glasses, but to help with the sensitivity to light,

So, I know it is Thanksgiving coming up for most US folks. That is why I am posting this. Though I am thankful every single day, that I can see. I know I post memes and jokes most of the time, but that does not mean I don’t take Jesus seriously. And not in a political sense coz Jesus is not a democrat nor a republican. The only thing I know is His preferential treatment of the poor, the orphan, the widow, the oppressed and the alien (not those guys from Mars. But the refugee).

Anyway: I was blind, but now I see. No surgery, no cornea transplant, no dramatic preachers/prophet screaming on top of their voices. Just a simple prayer from a Presbyterian priest for a very unbelieving, faithless, and very skeptical foreigner. Yet He healed me.

#helpmyunbelief #thanksgiving #testimonythursday

God is healing yesterday, today and tomorrow…

God is available 24/7….

You are of great value to the Father, He created you with a very special purpose in mind…


From ashes to beauty … Cinderella Released

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