The Devils Gone and Done It

I bet you are a wondering… What the devil’s gone and done?

He tempts you and He tries you; to get you on His side.

He reminds you of all the wrongs you’ve done on his guilty ride.

He haunts your mind about the things, you wish you hadn’t said.

He fills your head with nonsense, discouragement and dread.

He loves to cause division, misunderstandings and fear.

He’s the author of confusion even using loved ones near.

He subtly tries to feed you with evil on his hook. Don’t take the bait of Satan, just follow God’s rule book.

God’s truth will always surface, it’s never hidden from His eyes. Satan is defeated cause Jesus is our prize.

Every time Satan goes and does it, remind him whose you are.

Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ was born!

Every time we suffer, are lied about and torn.

Jesus says it’s healed, redeemed, it’s done. Satan’s done gone and done it to himself ’cause he’s the one who’s scorned.

Every single one of us, was bought by Jesus’ blood. It doesn’t matter where you live, in a mansion or the hood.

Everytime the devil deals he loses once again. Satan went and did it, but he’s truly gone and done.

Well the devil’s gone and done it when he lays a hand on you. The battle’s won by Jesus, He overcame the grave. He defeated death and darkness and only came to save.

Ain’t no grave gonna hold me, when God lays my body down.

Cause Jesus came to raise me up, and the devil’s leaving town. He’s gone and done it, he played with God and lost.

With Christ we are resurrected, Jesus already paid the costs!

from ashes to beauty…
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