Kiki the Pig Plants a Harvest

Debby, my friend and I were talking about sowing, reaping, planting and harvesting. I was sharing with her about a dream I had.

In the dream the Lord showed me a longtime friend and Evangelist Ronald Gray, two women attorneys (unknown to me), and an empty field. I was to find the owner and purchase or lease the land from him.

There were some other things in the dream I am to research; but for this post I want to address the unplanted field.

Because I did not know of any property, and I didn’t have anything to plant, I began to get anxious about what to do.

I began searching and found a field on top of a hill and immediately I knew this was the right place to plant.

I located the owner and made arrangements with the man to obtain his field. I didn’t have any seeds, any equipment, just the field and my faith. I felt the Lord say,

“You plow and water the ground. I’ll do the rest.”

Out of nowhere a man with a tractor showed up and plowed the field. I just stood there amazed with a water hose in my hand. I just started watering the ground, thinking, there isn’t any seed in the ground.

After waiting and watching a few days, I began to see growth coming up from the unplanted field. The LORD sent someone to till the ground, and turn it into rows. All I had to do was water. It was a miracle!

My job now was to keep out the weeds and the pests, and of course bring in the harvest once it matured.

What can I say, “The Lord made it happen?”

After I shared this dream with Debby, she began to share with me two testimonies where a harvest came up without planting a single solitary seed.

A friend shared with her, that she had squash plants coming up in her garden that she hadn’t planted. She finally figured out that once she had put some squash in her compost pile. After it decomposed she used the compost to mix in with her soil. It wasn’t long after before beautiful squash plants began sprouting.

The next story was even more amazing! Debby viewed the post of a friend whose pet pig Kiki had recently passed away, but had left her a gift.

Kiki was a devout vegetarian and loved pumpkin. She roamed around the yard freely “pooping” her vegetarian poop. Her owner looked out one day only to see pumpkin plants taking over her backyard. everywhere Kiki had pooped there were new pumpkin plants.

What a wonderful gift from her beloved pet. Now she will have “Kiki Pumpkins” instead if “Kiki Poop” in her new “Pumpkin Patch. What a great reminder of her beloved Kiki!

“Seeds grow in the dark”, Debby reminded me. I thought this was so insightful. Whatever we are planting or sowing may be in the dark for a season, but one day under the right conditions, the LORD will use seeds grown in the dark; to bring forth a great harvest.

I think it is important to plant seeds which are going to be eternal.

Whatever is going on in our Autumn, Winter, Summer, or Spring seasons it is important to follow God’s leading. Continue waiting and watching even when things appear to be dead and lifeless.

God has the ability to bring life to seeds lying dormant and are waiting to be watered. In His timing He will surely bring forth provision in spite of the circumstances, famines or lack we may see or feel at the time.

For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.
(Mark 4:28-29)

The kingdom of God is like a farmer planting seed that continues to grow day and night, even while he sleeps. Like a “spiritual farmer,” you and I plant “seed” when we share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

Dr. Bill Winston

You are one of God’s Treasures,


Marlene Hoenig, Mentor, Counselor, Writer
Specializing in helping others through life after trauma, crisis, disaster and abuse (including spiritual abuse.)

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