Left – on the run

10 Then David got up and ran that day from Saul. I Samuel 21: 8-10a

People are broken and even those we love can say and do evil things to us.

My older brother Doug once said to me, “People are like rattlesnakes, they strike out at the warmest and closest thing to them.”

Has someone left you?
Has someone hurt you or someone you love?

Life happens and if you happen to live long enough,
you will most likely have answered yes to the questions above.

I personally have experienced the horrible feeling of being left – and on the run.

More than once I’ve been abandoned and left sitting on the side of the road,

no money,

no phone,

no ride, and

no home

to go home to.

I can relate to the show “Naked and Afraid”…. I’ve been left – on the run!

The one I loved turned into the one I was running from.

Do you question your call?

The Bible tells us a wonderful story about David who was anointed King over Israel at the age of 30. His story begins during his teen years when he received a call from God and He began David’s warrior training program by learning how to defend the family’s fold of sheep from the bears and the wolves.

David’s father Jesse didn’t even see him fit enough to be invited to hear and see the Prophet Samuel who had come to their house to commission one of Jesse’s sons to be the future king of Israel and to take King Saul’s place when his time was up.

David may have seemed to be the unlikely choice by man, but God had other plans. God chose David because of his heart, not because of what his gifting’s and talents were. David became King at 30, but his training as God’s warrior and representative began when he was a child.

You may look like an unlikely candidate for God to use you but I promise you that is a lie. God wants you to know He created you, He is calling you, and all you need to give to Him is your heart. He will help you with the hard stuff.

I know there have been many times… I wasn’t only left on the run, I ran right into the enemy because I was afraid and ran away from God.

Worship God, He will make a way of escape when you are in times of trouble.

Saul ordered his guards to go get David while he was asleep so they could execute him in the morning. But God helped David through his wife who was also Saul’s daughter.

And when Michal, the wife of David, had told this to David, and said, If thou savest not thee in this night, thou shalt die tomorrow; and she let him down by a window. And David went, and fled thence, and (so) he was saved.

I Samuel 19: 11-12

Later Jonathon meets David to discuss Saul’s anger and to see whether or not it was safe for him to return home. They agree to meet in a field and then Jonathon advises David to “wait three days” by the Ezel stone.

I would say David was between a rock and a hard place and he was also left on the run.

Ezel means a separation. This was the place and the scene of the parting of David and Jonathon. Jonathon and David were best friends. Jonathon was also King Saul’s son.
This must have been a hard separation for them both. Sometimes separations show us the direction we are to go.

I Samuel 20:19

The authorized version notes: “Ezel as the path that leads the way.”
Jesus is our path and the one who shows us the way when we are left – on the run.

David, was alone, hungry and most likely fearful as he went to Ahimelech, the priest and asked him for food and a weapon. Having nothing but the old Holy bread from the temple, David took this and there watching was one of King Saul’s servants.

Ahimelech also gives him the sword that belonged to Goliath the giant.

Now isn’t that just like God? The very sword that belonged to Goliath. This was the sword David used to cut off the giants own head. What a message? Saul’s servant was there, watching and waiting to report back to Saul.
I can hear him now, “Do you know whose sword he’s wielding, the sword of a giant!

Wow, Saul might have been hunting David, but God was and is always one step ahead.
God is for us too, so who can be against us? David might have been left on the run, but God was letting David know, no weapon fashioned against him would prosper.

We aren’t exempt from trouble, but God is always with us.

I have told you these things so that you will not fall away. They will put you out of the synagogues. In fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do these things because they have not known the Father or Me. But I have told you these things so that when their hour comes, you will remember that I told you about them. I did not tell you these things from the beginning, because I was with you.

John 16:1-4

Jesus will always be with us. We will have trouble, but God will always supply for our needs when we are serving and loving Him. It is important to be strong in the face of God’s enemies.

David’s heart was to please God. Sometimes we are like Saul and have a divided heart and we bring evil upon ourselves and others. God wants us to repent, trust Him and to do what is right in His eyes. He will help us when we are left – on the run or out in left field.

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said:

“Who am I, Lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? 17 And as if this were not enough in your sight, my God, you have spoken about the future of the house of your servant. You, Lord God, have looked on me as though I were the most exalted of men. I Chronicles 17:16-17 Read Entire Prayer

Blessed is our Lord Most High,
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