Seminole High Quarterback #24 Ron Howell Passes

I found out today that a high school friend passed away. My thoughts of Ron are of him being a man full of joy and very loved by his family and friends.

Even though I had not seen him in over 50 years, I can still remember him like yesterday and the joy and laughter he brought to others.

I don’t know that I ever heard a negative word about him. Ron was an outstanding quarterback and graduated from Seminole High in 1972. He also loved fishing. We both had parents who owned small businesses and grew up in the Central Florida town of Sanford, Florida.

Many Seminole High Friends Remember Ron as an avid fisherman and Seminole High School Quarterback

In the book I am reading: Joy Starts Here: “Without return to Joy we find anger, fear, and narcissism growing in communities instead of joy. Returning to Joy comes from strong attachments to others and a deep sense of who we are that will not get lost when we are in pain. Our brains are wired to desire the way back to Joy. Leading us back to joy is God’s gift to us.”

As a crisis counselor I’ve learned the lessons that grief, crisis, trauma, pain and suffering teach us. It is difficult to pull up from these losses without the support of others. There are many today who are grieving the loss of Ronnie, but I am praying we can remember the love, joy, and life he has given to so many. This can help us return from sorrow to joy.

Ron Howell is a man I will always have very fond memories of like: his big wide grin, quarterback arm, a love of fishing on the St.John’s River and Lake Monroe. His father founded Captain Jim’s restaurant. People like Ron and these joyful memories of life, family and friends growing up in the community of Sanford Florida can never be duplicated. They are part of our souls.

Whether you are originally from Sanford, have been drafted, or grafted in; once you’ve lived there anytime and met some of the “old-timers” it is easy to understand how deep the “Sanfordite” roots of joy, love and loyalty grow. It is a place full of people, places and precious memories. I believe each one are gifts from God.

You will be missed Ron and may your friends and family be surrounded with love, peace, hope and joy that your life has brought to so many.

You are one of God’s Treasures,

Marlene Baggs Hoenig, Speaker, Writer, Missionary

From ashes to beauty…Cinderella Released

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