Jesus Film Project underway…

I am excited to report one of the missionary couples we support just held an outreach showing the Jesus Film in An outreach village in Kenya.

Paul and Metrine are a couple I reconnected with while I was in Kenya with Maverick and Amy.

I was first introduced to Paul and his father Bishop Tobias in 2015, through Pastor Mary Johnson, founder of Voice for Jesus Ministries, in Monroeville, Alabama. At the time Paul was jus a very young man fresh out of high school.

When I returned to Kenya, Paul was still a newlywed, and now he and his wife Metrine are full time missionaries sharing the gospel throughout, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Metrine also works with women in villages teaching them how to make feminine pads and helping them grow in the Lord.

To learn more about this precious couple, support their ministry efforts, or to just find out their prayer needs, please contact me at the website below.

You are one of God’s Treasures!


Marlene Hoenig, Mentor, Counselor, Writer
Cinderella Released Ministries

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