How Cinderella Released Got Its’ Name – A Real Life Fairy Tale

Merry Christmas from Cinderella Released Ministries

How Cinderella Released Ministries Got Its’ Name

Cinderella was a young woman who suffered loss, crisis, grief and trauma. It is a fairy tale story that has been told for centuries all over the world and has been translated into many languages, movies and varying stories.

Most of the versions include a young woman, a father, a mother who dies unexpectedly, a wicked stepmother, stepsisters, a handsome prince, a confirmation ball introducing all of the available young women in the kingdom, and a supernatural crew led by a fairy godmother, who turns a pumpkin into a royal coach, and helps aid in the rescue and recovery of a young woman’s her rights restored and engagement to a handsome prince. Cinderella goes from “ashes to beauty” and has a royal wedding and lives happily ever.

I think most would agree with me that most individuals spend a lot of life working hard, paying taxes, sweeping up the ashes, doing the dirty dishes, tending to a lost, hurting, broken-hearted world. I’m thankful that I believe there is life ever after, and that Jesus has a place and a purpose planned for me even after I leave this earth.

Prinsep, Valentine Cameron; Cinderella; Manchester Art Gallery;

In the Movie A Cinderella Story, the “godmother” played by Regina King is working with the “Sam” who is the Cinderella of the story. She mentors Cinderella and encourages her through her trials with life’s challenges to not give up hope. She encourages her to go to a festive ball to meet her handsome prince. In this version Rhonda notices her hard work, but more important that she was worthy of experiencing freedom, love, joy, peace and hope for the future.

When we experience a real-life supernatural relationship with Jesus, He shares with us through the power of the Holy Spirit God’s His desire to see us restored to a one-on-one relationship with Him: Our Prince of Peace, and King of Kings!

Even when sorrows, loss and sadness come, we can turn to the LORD and trust Him to heal and redeem our lives even in the most difficult times.

The “Released” part of Cinderella Released came one day in the 90’s while I was washing dishes at a Sunday School conference put on by Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center. All of a sudden, I began to weep. Tears began to flow and wouldn’t stop. I had an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, shame, and regrets which flooded my mind from my past. It wasn’t my circumstance at the time, but I felt God was telling me to just allow Him to turn my mourning into joy.

The spirit of a person can endure his sickness, but as for a broken spirit, who can endure it?

Proverbs 18:14

God’s Holy Spirit said, just “Release” all your burdens Cinderella. With that I did, and Jesus did what only He can do. He healed a broken heart and wounded spirit that day!

With this a ministry was born to help minister to those who were hurting, hopeless and broken in their spirits. CRM has seen God heal the lives of so many over these years. We have become the hands and feet of Jesus helping to bring Biblical teaching, evangelism, counseling, training, and deliverance to the lost, broken and hurting. It has been a joy to see many who were reduced to ashes, become beautiful in the light and love of Jesus.

It has been difficult at times when we have had endure and move past many unhappy endings. The LORD has been faithful in helping those we serve look forward to the joy that is set before them. Some have received this gift; others have refused to accept Christ’s love.

As Christians we are called to join with Jesus and intercede for even those who have caused us pain. We must have faith to believe and trust God that He will turn our situations around and He has promised that He has prepared a place where there will be no more tears, crisis or trauma to endure.  Jesus is also preparing a wedding feast for us to attend. This will be a time where He is waiting for us (we are His Bride). We will enter into a time of celebration, love, joy and peace forever.

You are one of God’s Treasures,

For the glory of Christ our King,

Marlene B. Hoenig, Mentor, Counselor, Writer
Cinderella Released Ministries
Prayer –
Text or call: 850-661-6104

Prayer Requests, Cards and Notes may be sent to me either in Tallahassee, or North Carolina at
P. O. Box 174, Lewisville, N.C. 27023.

Please contact me or Private Message me for my itinerary or address details.

2022 will be a year of looking forward for Jesus, and I would be delighted to share with your small group, and to minister God’s word, and healing love, and deliverance from bondage.

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