Building Resilliency

I was honored to do a training with all of the staff at Challenge Farm. This was done over a four week period and there were seven groups of ten in each group. We prayed, learned about each other, deepened our relationship with Jesus, and gained tools to help those experiencing trauma, crisis and high levels of stress to build resilliency. Because of the backgrounds of the children who enter the home at Challenge Farm, every staff member and job there is considered essential. Every person is critically important in helping these children, recover, come to know Jesus, and become healthy, loving, and productive individuals in their communities.

We learned how to diffuse triggers, increase the joy of the LORD in our souls, and avoid vicarious trauma and stress. We were able to give out seventy certificates of completion for this introductory course.

Group # 7

Group 7 was all men. We had four of the night security guards, four new employees, and two drivers and general workers. These classes were so much fun and we learned a lot about one another as we asked questions, laughed and did brain retraining exercises. We also shared a few laughs over the photo taken below from my trip back in 2015. I never was very good at archery and probably would not do well staying awake at night.

Our intro class began with – Introductions, Welcome & Prayer

As a member of the staff and team at Challenge Farm you are a part of a God given vision and mission which was given to Rick & Cheri Thompson.

As an employee of the Light & Power Center & Challenge Farm, and more importantly as a Christian, you have chosen to help carry forth the vision and mission that was given to them for God’s intenional purposes.

You are a co-laborer with Jesus, the other staff, missionaries, supporters, sponsers and volunteers who feel called to help further the work that has been established here.

We went over:

The Challenge Farm Vision

The Vision of Challenge Farm is to equip children and women in difficult circumstances to have a fulfilled life.

The Challenge Farm Mission

The Mission Statement of Challenge Farm is to train children, heal the wounded spirit, soul and body as they return to society happy, productive with a great sense of worth and dignity.

Introduction to Crisis, Trauma, COVID Self-Care for Essential Workers

Today’s meeting is to establish and begin to help provide support, healing (where necessary) and build resilience into your body, soul, and spirit in order to better equip and train you to empower and equip those children and women whom we serve as an organization, and to learn to rest, move and operate in the fullness of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, rather than to try and do good works in our own strength. We will do some introductions, some exercises, some activities, and brain training techniques, as well as incorporate God’s healing Word and Spirit to build strengthen and help us remain well grounded in Him, as well as be able to help others in this process.

Invitation to Do Advanced Class

I am excited to be planning an advanced self and trauma care class for the staff. This will include tips on taking care of ourselves, helping others at work, in their communities, and at church.

Healing through Journaling and Creative Writing

I have been continuing to work with some of the older girls, and am exploring ways to help in anyway I can with discipling, mission training and prayer.

Once the students return from break I will be planning a journaling and creative writing class.

Many of the older girls here are desiring to become missionaries once they graduate. Maverick, Amy, and the the team here at Challenge Farm are doing such a great job of loving and insuring the children come to know and love Jesus. They had a donation of 17 computers and they are in the process of setting of a computer lab. We are praying for the electrical, solar to power, and back up batteries, to help meet the technology needs here at the Challenge Farm school.

Prayer for Cheri Thompson, Maverick, Amy & the Kids

Please continue to pray for the Lord to be glorified in Kenya. Please pray for Cheri, Maverick, Amy, their families, the Challenge Farm staff and children.

I continue to pray for each one of you and your families as well. I know many are suffering difficult times and circumstances. I also welcome any prayer requests or words of wisdom from you. You are truly appreciated, loved and one of God’s treasures.


Cinderella Released Ministries
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And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

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