Crackers with Ava…

One of the things I do each morning Monday through Friday is watch Ava while Amy homeschools Jonah and Hudson. She and I usually go outside (so she doesn’t hear her mom’s voice) and spend time walking and looking around the Challenge Farm.

Before the primary school started back, and the community children were allowed to return, we would walk into the heart of activity spending time with the Challenge Farm children.

Now that school has restarted we mostly walk around the sports field, visit parts of the farm or walk around within our compound.

This has been such a wonderful time to bond with Ava and spend time with the LORD. We walk and pray over the property, staff and children and there are always opportunities to meet and greet others while Ava is having her crackers!

There is always something to be done here in Kenya. A large Acacia tree between the guest house where I am staying and Mama Cheri’s house was trimmed and pruned. It is amazing how much more light comes into our compound. The agriculture staff and many of the older boys and girls helped to carry the cut up tree to be used at the kitchen for firewood.

Cheri’s orchid plants are in full bloom and we recently celebrated the birth of two new calves. During the past month here at Challenge Farm with Maverick and Amy Ava and I sit in a chapel service and listen to God’s Word challenging us to look forward to 2021 and to put 2020 and the past behind us.

My life here in Kenya includes so many special times with Maverick, Amy and Ava’s brothers Jonah & Hudson. One weekend we traveled to Eldoret for a shopping trip and spent the night. The hotel where we stayed had a beautiful fish pond.

While we were there we met several believers including a young woman who was from Kitale, the town where we live. Maverick, Amy and I had her over one afternoon for tea and found out that she and several other women go regularly into the villages to speak to young women about the LORD and how to know and serve Him.

We introduced her to Daisy who is in charge of the Social Work Department and then a few weeks later she came to speak to the children at an assembly, along with her sister in law Becky.

Becky works at one of the local hospitals in the pharmacy. She is becoming a pharmacist. They both spoke about where they came from, the challenges they faced growing up, and the importance of following Jesus.

As I continue to stay and minister in Kenya, please keep me and my family lifted up in prayer. We know that we make our plans, but God orders our steps. There is always work to be done.

Please pray for me to have wisdom as CRM continues to sow prayers, ministry and finances into God’s Kingdom as He leads. Those of you who are partners (YOU are part of this and I need your input). I especially ask for your prayers and financial support as I seek His will as to what to spend time on, sow seeds into, and for new windows of opportunity to be opened.

I continue to pray for each one of you and your families as I know many are suffering difficult times and circumstances. I also welcome any prayer requests or words of wisdom from you. You are truly appreciated, loved and one of God’s treasures.


Cinderella Released Ministries
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And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

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