Virtual Missions Conference ~ 40 Missionaries ~ Live from Pensacola, Florida

You and your family are invited!

A first of its’ kind virtual missions conference featuring missionaries from all over the world will air live tonight, April 26th (my birthday!) This is an opportunity to hear testimonies and what the LORD is doing all over the world.

See my scheduled speaking time below.
My son Maverick & Amy will also be presenting!

For the first time ever Charity Chapel Church in Pensacola, FL is hosting a virtual missions conference April 26th-May 2nd, and we are excited to be a part!

Maverick and Amy’s video has a bit of a surprise, so you do not want to miss it!  

Here is the time you can watch our video:

Maverick and Amy – Monday (April 27th) 7:45PM (CST),

Challenge Farm/Cheri Thompson will also have a video: 

Tuesday (April 28th) 7:30PM (CST)

Marlene Hoenig, Mentor, Counselor, Writer

Tuesday (April 28th) 7:45PM (CST)

Once the video is shown there will be time to chat with us live for a few minutes, and we will be available after both the video times I mentioned above.

Charity Chapel’s 2020 6 DAY Missions Conference Announcement
Click here to join! Conference begins at 6:20 Central Standard Time 8:00 Eastern Standard Time

A schedule should be displayed on the website prior to each event to give a biography of each of the missionaries who will be highlighted from Sunday, April 26th through May 1st!

Cinderella Released Ministries Has a
New Website
Please take time to visit by clicking here.

You are one of God’s Treasures!


Please share with your families and friends!

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