We are in His hands…

I was speaking with mine and my children’s God mother Naomi Moore, and as usual she began to praise the Lord and remind me that we are in God’s hands… God has the whole world in His hands. To listen to message by Podcast, If My People Who Are Called By My Name…

People living like in the times of Noah, they don’t believe in the ark, they don’t believe they need salvation. They are living a don’t care life. They don’t believe in nothing. They don’t believe in Jesus. You know God is trying to tell them something. Maybe, just maybe, somebody will turn their heart to Jesus.

Hallelujah! Oh, Glory Hallelujah! Maybe somebody will listen to the gospel!

Maybe somebody will listen and turn their heart back to God. Maybe, just maybe. Hopefully, I pray day and night! Hopefully, I pray day and night that this world would humble themselves and turn back to God.

He said, that if my people which are called by My Name, would humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will forgive their sins and then I would heal the land.

My people, He calls us His people, He is our father. If My people called by My name will humble themselves. We are too high and mighty, we are too rich, we are too know everything. We don’t need God, when I say We, I’m speaking of those kinds of people who don’t need or want to know God.

There are so many that know everything, they rely on their money, on their education, They are smart. they don’t need God; they don’t need nothing. They don’t believe in nothing. It’s just something they got going on.

They say it’s just an old folks’ trend. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, Hallelujah anyhow, hallelujah anyhow!

Oh God, I bless your name right now. I bless your name. I make preparation. I am prepared for the place that Christ went to prepare. I am ready for that place and I am prepared – right now, I am prepared for the place that Jesus prepared.

My heart desires prayer for the world, my heart desires prayer for those that are going about establishing their own righteousness. They have turned from the righteousness of God and are believing in their own righteousness. They are believing in themselves, and richness, believing in the materialistic,

they believe in the power to fly an airplane but won’t believe in God to take them to Glory.  Hallelujah.

They act like it’s a man’s world. They say it’s a man’s world. They act just like that, but they have got to know God, God almighty. It’s His World. We are His, all the rivers and mountains are His, all the silver and gold are His, and We are His. We don’t own nothing, we can’t do nothing, without Him.

Everyone come to the end of themselves and realize, Lord, you are our only hope. You are our strength; you are our everything. That’s what you call humble. We need to humble ourselves. That is true humility. We don’t know what that is. We are too prideful. God resists the prideful and has mercy on the humble.

He gives grace to the humble. We need his mercy. So, humble yourselves. One drop of His grace will heal this land. Just one drop! One drop of His grace will heal this land. But it is His timing. It’s the Lord’s timing.

We don’t know God’s plans, we don’t know what God is going to do, wants to do, but we know He can. But we don’t know when he wants to do it, how he wants to do it or if he’s gonna do it. We don’t lean on our own understanding, we trust in Him, and He will direct our path.

When we trust in Him, we won’t be disappointed.

He will direct our paths. He will give the answers to the scientists, to help them get the medicine, and will give the government the right thing to do until the scientists do get the medicine. God knows how to maintain things. Hallelujah.

He is in control; He is in full control. This thing just got out of the doctor’s hands, the scientists’ hands, the President’s hands, out of everybody’s hands, but it is in God’s hands.

It has been in His hands all the time, but we didn’t recognize it. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus and God are Lord, they are one.

If I am talking about Jesus I am talking about God, If I’m talking about God, I’m talking about Jesus, Jesus, said, I am in the Father and the Father is in me. I am in Jesus….and He is in me.

I am in His hands.

Naomi Moore
Naomi Moore My children’s Godmother

You are one of God’s Treasures,
from ashes to beauty…
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