Thankful for Laundry Tables

Recently I was at the laundromat and began talking with a young man named S. When he asked me what I did, I shared with him that I was a missionary and also someone who tries to help people when they are in crisis, trouble or in a disastrous place in their life.

I was totally surprised when he said, “I think I could use your help.” In fact, I’m ashamed at myself that I automatically became skeptical.

He then began to share with me some very personal details about his life, hurts, and wounds from childhood, relationships he wished were better, and even how he was losing his faith and confidence in God. We talked about some of the deep-rooted issues and how he could ask God to help him heal.

I shared with him some of my own experiences, sorrows over broken relationships, childhood wounds, and even desires I have for the future which sometimes seem to feel impossible. But, reaffirming that with God, all things are possible for us as believers.

I gave him my ministry card, told him to call or text if he needed anything, and I would text him some materials & resources that I thought would strengthen his walk with the Lord.

God said, Marlene, this is why you are here today!

Before I was about to leave the laundromat, I felt God giving me the green light to go deeper with this young man. I asked him if I could pray with him, right there in the laundromat for deliverance from some of the roadblocks, and to rededicate his life to Jesus. He agreed.

We sat down in two chairs in the back and prayed for a long time. I encouraged him to get a daily devotion and to find a church in the area while he was working, and also when he went back to Texas, to begin a regular Bible study group with other young men.

Later that evening he sent me a text to say thank you, and he says he has been reading the Bible every day.

I am so thankful I went to the laundromat that day. I’m thankful for this young man from Texas named S… So many times when we ask God to use us we think it is going to be one way, and then He knocks our socks off at a laundromat!

You are one of God’s Treasures,

from ashes to beauty
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