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God Knows Your Name!

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We have been given several handmade quilts which have been prayed over and will be given to women who have been delivered from abuse, trauma, crisis, domestic violence and trafficking to remind them God knows their name.

See Laura’s Quilt testimony for whom one of the quilts is named after.

If you, your prayer or quilting group would like to join this cause please
contact me by phone, text or email.

Laura’s Quilt

Laura’s Quilt
This quilt is in memory of
Laura Louise Harper
Borne November 1987 and entering Heaven on April 20, 2005
Laura was a strong-minded gal that always knew what she wanted. She was a beautiful singer and excelled in all she did. Laura accepted Christ at the age of 8 and made it her plan to minister to lost teens and that is how she entered Heaven. She was taking a lost teen girl home, witnessing to her new friend.

Laura was one month out of graduating High School.
Her motto in life that she shared with other teens was,

“The journey in between where you once were and who you are now becoming – is where the dance of life really takes place.”

Her favorite color was lime green, and her favorite song was Jesus Lover of My Soul by Phillips, Craig and Dean.

May this quilt bless you in life and keep you comforted in all your journey of life.
Tammy Harper, Laura’s Mother


About Laura’s Quilt:

While creating this quilt I was reminded that these kitties are playing and frolicking peacefully. As I finished the quilt I then had to “quilt it.” Then it came to me to use these circles known as “Yoyo’s”.

This would be the perfect way – representing kitties playing in a carefree world – lying on their backs battling yoyo’s dangling from above. Let this quilt be a reminder that life can be carefree and free from the struggles. Praying each time you wrap or cover yourself with it you will be able to be covered by peace and carefree smiles.

May God’s blessing protect and cover you,

Tammy and Laura

Laura & Mother Tammy

Lap quilts, testimonies and pictures submitted with permission for use may be mailed to Marlene Hoenig C/O Globe International – 8590 West Hwy 98 Pensacola, Florida 32506 or  P. O. Box 3040 Pensacola, Florida 32516 – 850-661-6104

Searching for God’s Treasures,

Marlene ministry combines teaching, prayer, and worship
with the prophetic and words of knowledge and wisdom.

acceleration me
from ashes to beauty…
Cinderella Released
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