Progress of Purpose…from ashes to beauty


Progress of Purpose – from ashes to beauty

 “Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

I’ve seen in some cultures where your wealth is measured by having a goat. I’ve seen the poorest of the poor by our standards so happy to just have water to wash their clothes. God promises us that He will provide for His purposes and plans for our lives. We can rest at night knowing that He cares for us.  His joy and strength will overtake us even in our darkest hours. (Pictured above are some pictures from my trip to Kenya, 2015.)

It’s not a carriage but, it is a 1400 pound pumpkin! Alaska State Fair 2016


Jesus called me as a little girl to declare His Kingdom here on this earth and to share His love with others. Sometimes we try to do this and we are rejected or simply it is not received. It is important no matter how the enemy tries to tempt us into being hurt or offended that although we may fail, God’s love never fails. His plan for the world is to receive as many that will accept His love and it is just our responsibility to be willing to share it, even if it means being rejected.

There are times when I battle depression and weakness. But to truly follow Christ we must look at His example of how He overcame the darkness that tries to rob us of our joy. He suffered on the cross so that we could walk in the fullness of His resurrection power and love. When we expect others to never fail us then we are deceiving ourselves.  There is only ONE – Jesus and He never fails.

But, we are here to say, “There is good news to declare! There is a Kingdom that will reign forever, not just when we get to heaven.”

If God created every person for His purposes, then we can be confident that if we truly seek Him and His righteousness then we will fulfill His purposes in the earth.



I love my children and grandchildren so much and I try to allow them the freedom to live their lives as they feel God is leading When we see them making mistakes my first response is to jump in and help God fix them. We can actually impede the progress of purpose in their lives when we do this.  My prayers are that each one will receive the love of Christ freely and build an intimate relationship with Him, not an empty religion but a true relationship just like they have with me. This is what I saw being done at the Challenge Farm in Kitale, Kenya. Visit to learn about some amazing children and team.



No matter where I go, or where God sends me to minister, I have found those that are hurting are just seartching for true love. God continues to search us out…

By reaching out and touching others. especially when they are hurting, we can share Christ’s love and also develop a deeper love for Him ourselves.

When our love deepens for Christ, then we can begin to love what God loves and hate what He hates and be effective in fighting the unseen enemies of our souls.

Searching for God’s Treasure,

from ashes to beauty
Cinderella Released


Please visit my website to learn more about from ashes to beauty… Cinderella Released and how you can become part of this ministry!


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