What’s on my mind, Facebook?

suicide-preventionMy friend posted this today, “What’s on my mind, Facebook?”

It was too heartwrenching just to post an emoticon and move on… I had to record this post as in my life I’ve been so impacted by the tragedy of suicide. Oh, how can we get better at helping those who feel this is the only way to stop the pain…. Well, here it is.  I’ve posted a link to the news report at the end.

FB wants to know “what’s on my mind.”  News of yesterday’s tragic suicide at a school still haunts me. These words shared today from a teacher at the school.

“This is from one of the teachers at LMHS!
Today can easily be described as one of my hardest as a teacher. During this morning’s fire drill, a student took his own life in our courtyard. You can google it and read the news. But on this very public platform I️ want to tell you what the news won’t.
The news won’t tell that those who were first on the scene were not paramedics but teachers. Teachers praying, teachers begging him to just keep breathing. Teachers taking the shirt off their back to try to stop the bleeding.
The news won’t tell you that within minutes, every single student was in a teacher’s classroom and kept safe. Many, not even a teacher whom they have on a daily basis.
The news won’t tell you how, in a closet, 15 students and a teacher- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, and Atheists- prayed together, then went around and told each other what they were thankful for.
The news won’t tell you about a Principal who drove the mother of the student to the hospital herself, waited for the father to arrive, and stayed with them as long as they wanted and needed her to.

The news won’t tell you of the outpouring of love and support from the entire county. Teachers at other schools stopping their day to send us words of encouragement and prayer. The district immediately putting as many bodies and grief counselors as we needed in place. Bagged lunches being brought to every student and staff member on campus.

The news won’t tell you of students battling ignorant and hurtful words of others on social media and standing up for a classmate and for what’s right. Students speaking out about mental health and the importance of it.

The news won’t tell you that the majority of texts students were sending were not to gossip, but to check on their friends and teachers and to tell their parents that they’re okay.

The news won’t tell you how many of us left today wishing with our whole hearts that this day had gone differently but also left grateful that we get to go and hold those we love a little closer tonight.

What news will tell you is a story heard all too often. Of a boy who was bullied. And lonely. And lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends, his classmates, and his teachers. Please remember today and every day that your words have weight and to be kind to one another. #suicideawareness #OneHawk


How can you help?  Take a Youth Mental Health First Aid Class



One thought on “What’s on my mind, Facebook?

  1. Thank you, Marlene, for a needed, heart wrenching post. I so hoped to see you when you were here. When you return, please let me know as soon as you can. I will gladly make arrangements on this end if I have a time to shoot for.

    Hugs and love, Jo Anne


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