Planting Eternal Seeds

Graduate Cassandra & Marlene

Pictured Above
Business Graduate Cassandra

This past year I met a young woman who changed my life. This time last year she was going through a battle. At the time she didn’t know that she was going to be in a battle, but on Thanksgiving Day, the love of her life passed away.

In an instant she was forced to make a decision that would forever change her life.  She could fight against the grief, depression and hardships this loss would cost her, or simply give up.  She chose to fight and a few months later she won the battle over hopelessness, despair and has now graduated, gotten a job and found a place to live!

She is just one of dozens of young people I have met in Alaska who have overcome extreme circumstances and are on the road to freedom! God has blessed me with this young woman’s friendship. We never know the people the LORD will bring in our path. Watching her overcome her difficulties, grief and hardships encouraged me so many times when I felt overwhelmed in my own personal circumstances.

God used this young woman mightily in my life!

God provides for our every need; when we allow Him to!

A Word for those in God’s Kingdom: What matters is for you to be obedient and to do whatever God calls you to do (immediately).
His plan is perfect!

For those who are not in God’s Kingdom (yet):
I would like to speak to you personally about how you can be.

I have been so blessed to be part of so many lives,
and to have family & friends all over the world.

We never know when our assignment on this earth will be over,
and the time we are called to return to our heavenly home!

Plant eternal seeds in others lives.

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