Cinderella Released to the uttermost parts of the earth….

Jesus loves all the children of the world and He wants every one of them saved!

Pictured Above: National Geographic – Picture Id: 1326732 Rights Managed Description: Portrait of a Yup’ik girl in traditional headdress at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, Alaska
Pictured Below:
Young Alaskan Native Woman in Native Dress

(notice the Headdress) singing and being prayed over for sending out to the nations. Also pictured
Mary Glazier – Intercessor for Alaska 

The 12th of December marks one month that I have been living, working and ministering in Alaska.

The people, mountains, glaciers and land of Alaska are all beautiful.  There are many natives who still live in what they call “dry cabins” which have no running water, bathrooms or electricity.  They value cardboard boxes because they can be broken down and are put up on the walls to keep the wind from coming through the below freezing winters.

Below is one of the “nicer” dry cabins. Many of them are rented out to tourists, students, outdoors men, hunters and fishermen who come to live and get the Alaska experience!  Living here 24-7 for all 12 months…. takes “True Grit.”dry cabin.jpeg

Click Here to Watch a YouTube Video


Watch a video here about Nikolski, Alaska

Alaska has so many special places…. Nikolski, Alaska is one of them and has about 30 people living in this tiny community.

ALASKA – this beautiful far Northwestern state  is a hard life for many…emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There are many people I have met that have been praying for Alaska for many years and there appears to be a real move of God here that is exciting to be part of.

God loves Alaska and His heart is for their salvation, deliverance and healing. His desire is that for all of us.  He is delivering me each day from a lot of per-conceived ideas and ungodly ways.   Each day I feel His love growing not only for Alaska but for me and I wonder “Why Me?”  He answers me, “Why Not?” Below are pictures of where I had breakfast Sunday morning with Jesse and Bobette at “The Roadhouse” in Talkeetna, Alaska.  It is where trappers and mountain men would stop in to spend the night and gather for conversation and fellowship.  I caught a picture of the sun going down around 1:30 our time (lol)  I call it Alaskan Gold….

Sometimes  I feel so ill-equipped  but knowing that Jesus equips those he calls gives me great comfort and joy. I know He called me here to live, love and laugh with others and helping them in each day…just as I am…. I have such an opportunity to share Christ’s love to such a special people. Alaska living makes “Little House of the Prairie look like a “cake-walk” but every day is an adventure and I am loving it! Again, I thank everyone who is sharing in this journey with me…

The joy of the Lord is my strength and I’m looking forward as I continue to meet and make new friends and family here in Alaska.

Loving, missing and wishing you were here, I remain,

Searching for God’s Treasure

Cinderella Released from ashes to beauty
Crisis & Trauma Care


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