Returning Home to J



Of course I was so happy to return home to see little Jonah.  He is almost ten months old and he has stolen my heart!  He is a little worshiper and loves to dance, even though he can’t walk yet!

My son M, daughter A and grand baby Jare getting ready to leave for Asia.  Please visit their website to learn more about their plans! Their testimony is one of great love and faith. A mother and grandmother couldn’t be prouder or sadder as I think about how time is slipping away! They will be traveling to Tallahassee, Orlando, and North Carolina to share about what God is doing in their lives, and to say goodbye to family before leaving early 2017.  Please Keep them in your prayers!
Their newsletters will not be public since they are going to a very sensitive area but if you would like to sign up for their paper newsletter, they would love to send it to you.


Cinderella Released
from ashes to beauty…to declare God’s Glory!

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