Thoughts on pain, suffering, and atheism…

Paul Mauer is a Missionary-Evangelist that works with CfaN and has a great insight to pain and suffering…and to a good God who can help relieve that pain, if you will allow Him too.

Reaching the unreached


The past 6 months I have talked to more atheists than I have in my entire life.  It seems like they are popping up everywhere.  I’ve had some really interesting conversations and I wanted to give you an insight from these discussions.

I’ve observed that…

Most atheists don’t believe in God because they have an offense towards Him.  They refuse to believe in a “God” that would be so unkind towards humanity.  

Either they have an offense towards God personally or they know someone else that had an offense, and it has affected them.  It’s one thing to be an atheist, but it’s another thing to poison people’s minds with your version of a distorted reality.

We all filter life through our previous experiences, for better or for worse.

Not long ago I had a conversation with an atheist from Europe.  He didn’t know much about Christianity, but he told me that he…

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