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Globe Hope

Saving Lives. Serving Needs. Empowering People.

Globe Hope is the humanitarian arm of Globe International. Since it’s founding in 1973 some of Globe International’s missionary personnel have constantly served in regions of the world that are marked by poverty, scarred by disaster, and ravaged by war.

In Africa, Asis, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Globe has helped relieve suffering, feed the hungry, rescue children, and find empowering solutions to disenfranchised people.

Globe Hope’s slogan guides the activities of Globe people. We do not only want to save lives and serve needs, we want to help empower people to care for their own communities, raise their own children, build their own profitable businesses, and strengthen their own nations.

Globe Hope’s ultimate goal is to no longer be needed! Until then, Globe will continue to send missionaries to serve people and lend a helping hand in the name of, and in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ.

Ministries that are a part of Globe Hope

Children of Destiny - Nicaragua

Children of Destiny

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Challenge Farm

Challenge Farm

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Residence of Life


Costa Rica
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