An Update from Sarah Deeds and A Father’s Heart for Africa!


  • Sarah Deeds

    I dont have much time and cant get any pics to you yet but here is a quick email. Hi Everyone!!!! Wow God has been working on my heart so much and healing a lot of things that I use to believe about myself and you would be so proud God told me to sing and help lead worship yesterday and if we were interested to talk to a person.

    I said, “God if this is you I will run into her before worship well you know how God is I did and I got up there and sang my heart out for Jesus!!”

    Brett and I were on the same prison ministry and 50 people came to the Lord last week when he shared his testimony and I shared yesterday about how much God loves them and it was amazing!

    Next week is when I go out in the bush and sleep in a tent with others for 2 nights away from everyting and everyone. Brett’s was 2 weeks ago and at his they led 200 people to the Lord and saw blind eyes open! I cant wait to allow God to move and heal and change people! We finally got water after almost 2 weeks of not having it, thank you Jesus.

    We lose power every other night right around dinner so I have been cooking with a big head light on my head rather comical. I am in a group called glow worms and we go out every other day in the village and pray for hours for stangers. We have seen many healings.


    On Sunday I got to go to the village and a different church and I preached! It was amazing all these people came up for prayer and then we walked or hours in the beaming hot sun and went from hut to hut praying for people. This one family we met the mother said her husband has been in the hospital for 3 months and is dying. We gathered around her he had a infection in his body where he was bleeding internally. We prayed for the family and started to leave. 2 mintues later her son was running to us screaming something in their language we had someone interpert what he was they just received a phone call from her husband from the hospital and said that he was well and was coing home that day! What a miracle! We started rejoicing and thanking Jesus!!

    Thank you for the prayers. Please pray for next week as I will be in the Bush and also Brett is sick so please be praying for him.  

    God is showing me that when you say yes to Him and give him everything you love and desire He has such a beautiful journey and plan! I will be back Im hoping December 23’rd. Love and miss you all! Thank you everyone for the prayers!

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