A New Day A New Revelation – You Are Loved Unconditionally

Michele PerryI am very simple. I see life in metaphor and analogy. I meet Jesus in small, grimy fingers weaving their way into mine and in little eyes that twinkle and laugh. I meet Him in butterfly chases, predawn blankets of silence and diamond-studded canopies at night that steal my breath away. I meet Him in the everyday grace of ordinary life as much as I do in revelatory encounters and miracles. Neither to me is more holy than the other. All the ways He comes are utterly supernatural. I want everything He desires to give because the full reality of the supernatural realm of His kingdom is truly as close to us as the air we breathe. It is my heart to weave the ways of encountering and releasing His supernatural kingdom together for you, dear reader, in such a way you might understand how profoundly they are woven together for me.

Perry, Michele (2012-07-01). Invitation to the Supernatural Life, An (Kindle Lochttps://cinderellareleased.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=post#ations 133-139). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The Lord gave me a new lease on life, yesterday, October 11, 2013. Satan comes in various forms to steal, kill and destroy our joy, BUT our MIGHTY and AWESOME GOD comes in to pour out HIS amazing love like rivers. I am renewed by HIS SPIRIT, HIS LOVE and HE clothes me and protects me from the voices of the enemy and those he uses to accuse. Remember always, YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE UNIQUE and one of a kind created for HIS PURPOSE AND NONE OTHER!

Cinderella Released…from ashes to beauty.

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