Psychologists, Sin and The Fall of Mankind

Dear Professor,

I do have a lot of thoughts about the theories of Developmental Psychology, Sin and The Fall of Man. It is funny you asked!

The Lord has spoken to me a lot about the fall of man and how “perfect” Adam and Eve and the first humans were on this earth. The earth was perfect at one time also, supplying every developmental, physical, emotional and spiritual need mankind had or would ever have. They were perfectly content, at peace and in divine health. Just after the fall of mankind, there wasn’t as much sin and evil as has “evolved” for lack of a better term, and men/women lived for almost a thousand years – even in their fallen state.

In that glorious day, when we will live and work in the “Millennial Reign” with Jesus there will be the absence of Satan and his workers. They will be bound. There will still be free will. Unfortunately, there will be those who will choose to reject God and Jesus, the Messiah.

We will live in this time period established by God for a thousand years on the earth! Thinking about this makes me so excited!

I have been working with several processes to help individuals with addictive behaviors because they get “stuck” attaching to unhealthy things and aren’t able to overcome addictions because they are mentally and in some cases physically attached. Unless the Lord delivers them instantly and renews their mind instantly when they get saved, they get “stuck” when certain patterns of behavior is triggered.

The brain has two parts, but the amygdala which is on the right side( especially our joy center) stimulates hormone production. When we are stimulated our mind reverts back to the rhythms of joy and quiet we learned as a child. These patterns set in place our balance of security and healthy and unhealthy attachments. If the child isn’t nurtured properly, or is abused, etc. they later attach to behaviors, things (food, drugs, sex, alcohol, excitement, danger), instead of attaching to the love of God.

This starts a downward spiral because the stimulation along with the form of medication causes or brain and body to become unbalanced. We have to have more of the stimulation to produce more of the “high” we get. We truly are what we feed our body, mind and spirits.

Joy Recovery Specialist

These muscles tighten when we are stressed, fearful, incur trauma or injury.
Another issue on biological side is in regards to muscle memory. Our muscles especially the psoas and sternum muscles (which are in our pelvis and protect our most vital organ have the natural instinct to reflex and tense when we become defensive or are faced with fear, stress and anything involving in trauma. This causes much stress in our bodies, which in turn produces a lot of illness. Animals naturally release the tension, where we have learned to mask our reflexes and thus tons of stress is carried and memorized in our muscles.Releasing this stress, tension, trauma causes the muscles, fascia and organs to release the tension we were never created to carry.

A relatively new procedure is being used in areas of great affliction and trauma to help first responders, war veterans and victims release the trauma their bodies are holding. I train my clients to release this trauma/tension that is stored and people are recovering from illnesses, and chronic stress related illnesses.

Contact me for coaching you!

I believe if we as Christians can join the effort to help those find “complete wholeness” through the gospel while helping them cope with the effects of the fall of mankind, we can really make an impact in our world.

Jesus said, “We would do greater things.” I believe we can as a unified body moving by and in His Spirit.

One of the quotes in our reading that really hit me and I couldn’t find it now that I am writing this, but it stated that once science took over and it could basically validate everything on the earth there would be no need for religion. What struck me was, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords and Scientist of Scientists, Mighty God, Our Savior is coming and when He comes it won’t matter what men think they have discovered or understand.

Our knees will bow at His arrival and our “spirits” will be redeemed unto Him and then we will receive our “healed and glorified” bodies that were or are wracked with the wages of sin for thousands of generations back to the fall.

When He returns, sickness, illness, etc. will have to flee for us forever!

Dr.’s, scientists and others can discover many ways to help people recover from injury, illness, and stress. We can help people to retrain their brains, release tension and medicate to relieve pain but the reality is that the only true wholeness is finding a relationship with Christ.

When I truly put Jesus first His presence prevails, even now while I am writing this. I am no where near where I want to be in my relationship with Christ, but my prayer each day is to help me find ways, to be in places where I can share Him to a hurting world and know Him more fully.

I talk to and read about people who have literally walked through hell on earth and their psyche is whole, completely whole, not that they are perfect – yet!

In her book, Tramp For The Lord, Corrie Ten Boom recalls,

“Roll call sometimes lasted three hours and every day the sun rose a little later and the icy-cold wind blew a little stronger. Standing in the grey of the dawn I would try to repeat, through shivering lips, that verse of Scripture which had come to mean so much to me: ‘Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.’”

When all is said and done, thousands upon thousands of individuals, body, soul and spirit will be changed. The vilest of vilest have been forgiven because of their faith which is something that can’t be proven, seen or verified experimentally. When our names are called on the roll up yonder, what a day that will be!

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