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Get a Life – Not Just A Job

Did you start your own business to have the freedom of being your own boss? Maybe you wanted to provide jobs for others. Did you fantasize about the lifestyle you would have as an entrepreneur?

And what has happened since? Maybe you provide a good living for yourself and your employees, but you work harder and longer than in any job you’ve ever had. Perhaps you feel trapped under the weight of being a “business owner.”

You don’t have to feel that way. You can provide money for yourself, jobs for others, and still have the freedom you hoped for. You just need to know how.

How do you turn your small business into more than just a job?

First, go to work on you business rather than in it.

Think of your business as something apart from yourself, as a world of its own, as a product of your efforts, as a machine designed to fulfill a very specific need, as a mechanism for giving you more life, as a system of interconnecting parts, as something created to satisfy your consumers’ needs, as a solution to somebody else’s problem.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How can I get my business to work, but without me?
  2. How can I get my people to work, but without my constant interference?
  3. How can I systematize my business in such a way that it could be replicated 5,000 times, so the 5,000th unit would run as smoothly as the first?
  4. How can I own my business, and still be free of it?
  5. How can I spend my time doing the work I love to do rather than the work I have to do?

Michael E Gerber, michael gerber, awakening the entrepreneur within, get a life not a job

If you ask yourself these questions, you’ll eventually come face-to-face with the real problem: that you don’t know the answers!

Until you change your perspective about what a business is and how one works, you will never have the answers. The most successful small businesses are built on a repeatable system that others can easily follow. A turn-key system.

The best way to systematize your business is to first do each job yourself. Find the best or preferred way to do each task, and create a system for doing it that way that is easy to follow. Repeat this process for every function of your business until every part is systematized.

Then create a succinct operations manual that is detailed and easy to understand. The goal is that any new person can step into your company, and be up-to-speed very quickly after reading this operations manual.

Once you have your business systematized, you should be able to step back and let your company function the way it is supposed to. Your job, as the business owner, will be to watch it grow.

This article was originally featured on INC.  If you want to read the original article, click here.

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A little About Marlene Marlene was raised in Sanford, Florida, the daughter of a 12th generation farmer and part Cherokee mother. Marlene first met Jesus at the tender age of six sitting in an orange tree in her backyard. This was when she first felt the Holy Spirit speaking to her about going to different nations and sharing the love and resurrection power of Jesus to others. She is mother to four sons, three grandchildren, and has many spiritual sons and daughters. Isaiah 54 is her life chapter. It was from that scripture God gave her two specific promises about her physical children, "All your children will be taught of the Lord and have great peace.”(Isaiah 54:13) and, “Your decendents will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.” (Isaiah 54:3) Marlene follows the leading of the Lord and goes wherever and by whatever means God guides and provides. She ministers in meetings, retreats, slums, villages, churches and alongside others. She travels to do ministry and conferences called Freedom PowWows equipping others to become true disciples. God searches today for those who will make Him their single desire, who will say with the Psalmist and King David that, “the Lord is the portion of mine inheritance” (Psalm 16:5). They will be His special possession because, “the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto Himself, and Israel for His peculiar treasure” (Psalm 135:4). 850-661-6104 24/7 Prayer CinderellaReleased.Me Webpage

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